St Catherine clubs in limbo

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SEVERAL ST Catherine-based football clubs have said they are yet to receive a response to their requests for an extraordinary meeting with the St Catherine Football Association (SCFA) despite being told of the date for the parish’s elections.

On June 14, The Gleaner reported 15 clubs in the parish had signed a document requesting an extraordinary meeting with the SCFA.

To date, several clubs have said they are yet to get a response from the association regarding their request despite being told the election date is set for July 28.

Michael Panchan, technical director of Royal Lakes FC, said attempts from his club to speak with SCFA president Elaine Walker-Brown have gone unanswered.

“The request for the extraordinary meeting has not been answered by the FA,” he said.

“Our efforts to make contact with the president from our aspect of it has gone unanswered. So that is our status presently as we haven’t gotten any official answer and in a nutshell, we have been ignored.”

However, other clubs have stated they have been contact by the SCFA but are yet to receive a finalised date for the extraordinary meeting.

President of Old Harbour Bay United Jason Fuller was one such person, having confirmed he received a response from the SCFA.

Fuller said he was contacted on Monday and was told a date for the extraordinary meeting will be communicated with the clubs in short order.

“I received a call from the FA saying that they would advise us as it relates to a date for the upcoming meeting but in terms of the other clubs, I can’t speak to that but my club has received a call from the FA.

“Based on how it sounds, I thought I would have gotten the date already but they basically said to me it will be made known shortly, so I’m guessing that they mean in writing.”

One of the reasons for the meeting request was so clubs would be able to tell if they were in good financial standing with the SCFA and be allowed to vote in the upcoming elections.

Diego Billings, president of DB Basovak, said he has not received a response from the SCFA regarding the meeting. However, he was told the clubs financial standing would not affect its ability to vote in the elections.

He has since requested that this decision be made in writing to avoid any miscommunication on election day.

“Based on the constitution, it states that each club should be in good financial standing 14 days before the election and that deadline would be this Sunday,” he said.

“I have spoken to the FA and they said to me that they will not be considering monies owed by clubs to be a factor for them not to participate within the election.

“I said to them that we need to get something in writing as soon as possible because we don’t want to go on the day and be told we can’t vote. So I requested that it should be put in writing and not just a verbal agreement.”

When contacted by The Gleaner, Walker-Brown hung up before she was asked questions regarding the extraordinary meeting request. All following attempts to contact her went unanswered.

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